How to Add Chat to Webpage

The 123FlashChat server is installed and started successfully, but just locally, it's time to publish the chat room to your website users now.

The similar approach is used to insert the variable chat clients like "standard", "advanced", "lite client", "avatar chat"... the only differences are just the relative SWFs, the size, etc.

Take "standard demo" for example, here is the instructions to generate the chat room code to be inserted into your webpage HTML.

  • Step 1
    Publish the "client" folder: Copy <123 flashchat installed dir/client> folder to your web server document root directory.
  • Step 2
    Generate the chat code using the following form.
Get Code Type:
Client Type:
Chat server host name or IP
(Leave it blank if the client and server are on the same server.)
Chat server port
(Leave it blank if you are using the default 51127 port.)
Client Size Width: 
Your web server URL where 123flashchat.swf is located.
(For example, the swf file url is: , this field should be:

The generated new code will apprear in the field below.

Copy and paste the following code into your HTML page, at the proper location.


If the chat client failed to be loaded after the above code was inserted into your webpage,
please double check the path of "123flashchat.swf" file,
cause if the "123flashchat.swf" was located in another web folder, like:

the absolute URL is required like this:

<script language="javascript" src="">
<script language="javascript">

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